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Discover all advantages of Lovet, a real low fat option

 Healthy Oven Baked Products – Not Pre-fried
 Guaranteed Crispiness
 Natural source of Omega-3
 MSC Certified Range
 No artificial additives

Breaded fish products are widely eaten in restaurants, cafeterias and canteens at schools and hospitals, as well as being available from most retail outlets. These products are very popular with children and adults alike, easy eating with a crispy layer around quality fish.

With LOVET the healthy option can taste good again. The healthy low-fat products of our Lovet Range contain less than 4.2% total fat, much lower than traditional pre-fried products and consequently contribute to a healthier lifestyle.

LOVET is an innovation for Institutional Catering, Foodservice and Retail markets. During the manufacturing process, breaded products undergo a special preparation with a just a small percentage of oil. Furthermore, for each product in the coating process only new fresh oil is used only once, as a fine mist application. During the “Pre Fry” section, the product passes through new process, using only heat, it does not pass through a large “fat fryer” as in traditional methods.

LOVET products contain less fat than the traditional product even before the preparation by the consumer. After preparation you enjoy delicious fried fish, in a healthy and responsible product

Friendly tasty!

A unique authenticity: more taste, less fat! With Lovet you have a unique and original product available. Breaded fish that is highly nutricious and healthy. Looking for a healthy low-fat snack? Straight from the freezer into a preheated oven .. Fishmasters, the new brand for fish products in the international foodservice, catering and institutions market and part of the international Kennemervis Group, introduces breaded seafood in a low-fat version. These products are exclusive available by Fishmasters under the brand Lovet. Under the brand Fishmasters are high quality and usually sustainable seafood created.

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